On-Site Denture Lab


Extensive Product Selection

Extensive Product SelectionWe have a vast array of teeth to select from. Top quality materials and craftsmanship combine in the fabrication of your new dentures. Major advances in dental materials and techniques have made today’s well-made dentures almost impossible to distinguish visually from your natural teeth and tissue.

Your new dentures are unique to you and made with only you in mind.  Advancements in dental technology allow Reno Dentures to customize a state of the art set of teeth that will compliment your skin and hair tones, resulting in a very natural look. Today’s high-tech dentures also provide a truly custom fit. There’s never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of new dentures.

To create your personalized denture extra care is taken in each step and also consultation is available with our lab techs at any time whenever necessary.

Our Steps Include:

  • Impressions of each arch (Maxillary and Mandible) are taken. We bring these models immediately to our on-site lab to make study models in order to design your new set of teeth. You and the doctor will also select a shade of your denture at this time.
  • A Wax Bite is taken which is when the doctor places a block of softened pink wax in your mouth and has you bite down on it so that we know where to place your teeth, get your jaw relationship and measure where your smile line is.
  • Try-In Stage: This is when you get to see the shape, size, shade and contour of your new teeth. We use special shapes and colors personalized to your facial contours and complexion to blend with your natural teeth. This too allows us to check the way you speak and the way you chew. We want you pleased with what your new smile will look and feel like. At this step, if everything is to your satisfaction and no changes are required, we schedule your oral surgery appointment to have your remaining teeth extracted dentures inserted.
  • Delivery Phase: In cases that do not involve extractions, the doctor will insert your new dentures and make any necessary minor adjustments to assure your comfort and satisfaction.
  • If extractions are necessary, the oral surgeon or dentist will extract the necessary teeth and immediately insert your dentures.
  • If extractions are necessary, you will be instructed to return to the dental office to check the post-op sites and to do any adjustments necessary at the time to assure your comfort and satisfaction.
  • Our dentists and lab technicians can make final adjustments that are so vital to making your dentures fit well and work well. They are also readily available to make ongoing adjustments if necessary to ensure that your dentures are as comfortable as possible. The end result will be a smile you are pleased with, which meets your exacting standards as well as ours.

Reno Dentures’ On-Site Denture Lab Also Provides:

  • Dentures that can be completed in as little as 3 days (at an additional fee)
  • Interactive Technicians
  • Same Day Repairs
  • Same Day relines for existing dentures
  • Most dentures inserted immediately after extractions
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